While our normal activity ideas may no longer be available to us there are still plenty of ways to have fun! Leaders and parents alike, check out the Scout Association’s website for activity ideas through the lock down. There are some excellent ideas for all ages and some of them progress towards a badge as well. In addition to these we are keeping a list of activities already tried approved

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Staying Safe Online

Besides being a great source for funny cat videos, the Internet has the power to bring people closer together. For Scouts, we know it can be a great source for tools and information to make the world a better place. In this exceptional times there is a real opportunity to harness digital tools to stay connected and socialise in a positive and healthy way even if you are self isolating. 

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Mental Health & Loneliness

Everyone’s mental well-being is being affected by the lock-down environment, but with so many other issues it is widely overlooked. That’s why, we’re asking young people to share Three for 3. Write (or draw) three things you’re doing to look after your mental well being during this challenging time and share these ideas with three other people. Once you’ve shared your three things, the people you’ve shared with should share

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Following the advice to suspend all face-to-face meetings, activities and events, it is important to consider any events you may have scheduled as a group. International Events EuroJam – Postponed until 2021 National Events Day of Celebration at Windsor – Cancelled Beaver and Cub Fun days at Gilwell Park and Woodhouse Park – Cancelled Gilwell 24 – Cancelled Reunion – Under review County Events MAYhem 2020 – Now Camp@Home! KIJ2021

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Scout Shop

Unfortunately due to the face-to-face restrictions the Tonbridge Scout Shop is closed until further notice.