1. Build a shelter/den – ideally outside if you have a garden that you can safely access, but if not then
    why not be creative indoors
  2. Learn a new campfire song (a video of a Beaver campfire)
  3. Spend a night pretending to be at camp and sleep somewhere unusual but safe that is not a proper
    bed e.g. in a tent in your garden, or maybe in your shelter, pillow fort etc.
  4. Learn to tie a reef knot
  5. Make a flag to represent your campsite!
  6. Set a trail either in your garden or around the house, how will you show people where to go?
  7. Help to wash-up after dinner
  8. Play a game with your family
  9. Read a bedtime story to your grown (and maybe they would read one too?)
  10. Create a map of your ‘campsite’
  11. Talk to an adult about creating your own campfire blanket – ready to put your Mayhem badge on