Email your members digital bingo tickets then share your screen with the bingo numbers being called.

Type: Live ActivityRunning Time: 90 minutes
Sections: Scouts, ExplorersDigital platforms: Video Conferencing & online Bingo


  • Contact the Bingo Digital Hero for a software licence key
  • Install Bingo software
  • Email bingo tickets to members and get them to select a page from the 200 tickets available.
  • Share bingo calling screen via video conferencing software.
  • To win, first someone must have all numbers in a single line. Then everyone plays to win two lines in the same box. Then everyone plays to be the first to have all numbers in a box.
  • When anyone thinks they have won they share with you a number in the bottom left of the ticket and you enter it into the bingo software to check the numbers.

Tips and gotchas:

  • Make it explicitly clear that you are playing with multiple boxes on each page and that two lines is within a single box.
  • Save paper and use highlighting tools in adobe reader to highlight numbers that have been called.


Run by: Adam Chilton at Central Explorers