Close Up Quiz

Young people take close-up photos for everyone else to try to guess.

Type: Live ActivityRunning Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Sections: Scouts, ExplorersDigital platforms: Video Conferencing


Ask each scouts to take a zoomed in picture of a household object before the meeting. During the meetingv, each Scout takes a turn at sharing their screen to show their image. Rotated through the participants, calling out the image number then leaving the image on the screen for approx. 30sec to 1 min to allow people to guess.

Once all the images have been shown, go back through them asking the Scouts to reveal the answers.

Tips and gotchas:

Some weren’t able to share a screen or were accessing via a phone. Consider asking the scouts to email their images in beforehand. .

Can be slow when people are learning to share screen – You could email all images to a leader in advance, but that might loose the participation factor.

A positive is that the whole family can get involved.

Close up example
Close up example

Run by: Stuart Sharp at 6th Tonbridge Scouts.