1. Build a shelter / den – ideally outside if you have a garden that you can safely access, but if
    not then why not be creative indoors
  2. Teach a family member a campfire song – this doesn’t even have to be one you already
    know, there are loads online that you could learn so why not have a go!
  3. Spend a night pretending to be at camp and sleep somewhere unusual but safe that is not a
    proper bed e.g. in a tent in your garden, or maybe in your shelter, pillow fort etc
  4. Demonstrate tying a reef knot with the ends of your necker/group scarf
  5. Write a prayer / poem for a Cubs Own gathering at the end of camp, all about what you love
    about being a Cub
  6. Make a simple camp gadget – you will find lots of ideas for these online.
  7. Make a flag to represent your campsite!
  8. Help to cook a meal that you would enjoy eating on camp then wash up afterwards
  9. Set a tracking trail either in your garden or around the house