1. Build a shelter or put up a tent – This would ideally be outside if you have a garden that you can safely access and is secure or it could be anywhere indoors that is safe, either option must be agreed with by a responsible adult family member.
  2. Spend a night in your shelter or tent with a classic camp bed (sleeping bag + roll mat). If you do not own a suitable sleeping bag for the season/own a sleeping bag you are able us e
  3. Tidy-up, clean-up, pack up! When you have finished with your shelter or tent, make sure EVERYTHING is put away clean, tidy and dry. Leaving no trace that you slept there.
  4. Download the Queen Scout Award Log Book and complete the sections you are able to complete so far – put it in a safe place.
  5. Demonstrate tying a friendship knot with the ends of your necker/group scarf (search for; how to tie a friendship knot in your necker in Google or YouTube)
  6. Make an alternative campfire (no fire allowed) and take a photo of you toasting an alternative marshmallow.
  7. Call or chat with some of your explorer unit or another scouting friend whilst camping.
  8. Find a geocache whilst out exercising (make sure to take antibacterial gel with you/wash your hands)
  9. Do the necker flip challenger on social media (flip your necker from your foot onto your neck)
  10. Cook a meal for you and your family on a BBQ or fire pit if you own one. A simple meal idea being pitta pocket pizzas.
  11. Write a plan to allow you to achieve 1 of the 4 Young Leader Missions and send it to your section leader/young leader.
  12. Build a bridge or tower using pioneering techniques. You will have to get creative when selecting your materials (think pens, pencils, skewers, cocktail sticks, sticks from the garden,
    blu-tack, mini marshmallows, jelly beans…)
  13. Ask your parents/guardian 2 of the following:
    • Growing up, who inspired you the most? And why?
    • If you had to do it all over again, would you pursue the same career path?
    • What were you doing when you were my age?