Online Board Games

Below are a number of free online board games we’ve found to be quite good.

These will require users to sign up, so this activity is more involved. But if you take the time to do this then there is a lot of content here.

Type: Live ActivityRunning Time: 90 minutes
Sections: Scouts, Explorers, NetworkDigital platforms: Video Conferencing & online board games



Codenames is a game of word clues as 1 member of each team known as the spymaster attempts to guide their team of field agents to the correct words code-names of undercover operatives.


  • Visit select an easy name for your game room.
  • Get your spymasters to navigate to the room and click the spymaster button in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Have everyone else either navigate to the room but not press spymaster OR share your screen via video conferencing.
  • On their respective team’s turn the spymaster for that team will say a single word and a number. The word is the clue and the number is the number of words on the grid it refers to.
  • The team will then try their best to figure out which word(s) the spymaster was guiding them to.
  • Teams must always guess at least one word and may guess up to the number stated by the spymaster plus one more.
    • For example if the blue spymaster gave the clue “Freeze, 2” the team might guess “Water” & “Snow”, they would then have the option of one additional guess, which could be used to guess words from previously given clues.
  • If the team ever guesses a word that is not their own, they end their turn and the opposition team would get another clue.
  • If either team guess the word shown in black to the spymaster they immediately lose the game as they have selected the assassin.


  • The rules are fairly simple but familiarise yourself with them before playing with your Scouts.
  • The video embedded below explains the game in basic terms.
This is what the team sees
This is what the spymaster sees


The aim of the game is to purchase cards to increase your ability to purchase better cards and eventually victory points.

Each game table can play 6 people so use Zoom breakout rooms and get multiple games running simultaneously.



  • For beginners set the cards to be base game only when creating a table.
  • Hide the victory point counter for more suspense.


Board game arena is a board game hosting website with many well known games available in it’s free tier.



  • Get everyone to find and read the rules for the game prior to playing.

Run by: Adam Chilton at Central Explorers