Online Escape Rooms

A web based escape room via Google Forms.

Type: Live ActivityRunning Time: 30 minutes / room
Sections: Scouts, ExplorersDigital platforms: Video Conferencing 


  • Invite the Scouts to a video conference then share one of the escape room links.
  • The Scouts can either work individually, or (if using Zoom), put in teams in breakout rooms to solve the puzzles.
  • If using breakout rooms, you will need to have 2 leaders in each room.

Hogwarts Escape Room


Encourage the Scouts to do the escape rooms in teams, reading the instructions out load and talking through the puzzles but entering the answers on their own computer.

Encourage everyone to read, especially for the Hogwarts escape room.

Change teams for the second escape room.


South Berkshire Escape Room – Escape the Hut

Run by: Adam Chilton, Central Explorers