1. Build a shelter/den or put up a tent – This can be anywhere indoors that is safe (and agreed with by your family members!) Or it could be outside if you have a garden that you can safely access and is secure.
  2. Spend a night in your shelter, den or tent. You cannot sleep in a proper bed, but you can use a camp bed roll mat etc. and your pillows, duvet etc.
  3. Tidy-up, clean-up, pack up! When you have finished with your shelter, den or tent, make sure EVERYTHING is put away clean and tidy!
  4. Teach a family member a campfire song – this doesn’t even have to be one you already know, there are loads online that you could learn so why not have a go!
  5. Demonstrate tying a friendship knot with the ends of your necker / group scarf (search for; how to tie a friendship knot in your necker in Google or YouTube)
  6. Build a bridge or tower using pioneering techniques. You will have to get creative when selecting your materials (think pens, pencils, skewers, cocktail sticks, sticks from the garden, blu-tack, mini marshmallows, jellybeans…)
  7. Make a flag to represent your campsite!
  8. Make-up a story that you can tell around the campfire (not too scary!)
  9. Set a tracking trail either in your garden or around the house
  10. Make your own camp supper using only three ingredients.