Social Media

District Level Social Media

Tonbridge District is active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If your group has done something you think the district should share more widely just tag


Alternatively if you have an event you would like the district to promote or share contact

Group Level Social Media

Your groups can also be active on one or all of these platforms and it can make convenient locations for your members to upload images or videos when participating in activities from home.

One important thing to remember is to only upload content you are happy to be on the wider internet.

If you need help setting up an account for your group, contact one of the digital heroes who specialise in that platform.

The district account publishes from one location to all three platforms, this can save you time if you are posting often. Again our digital heroes can help you with this.

Many sections in Tonbridge already have a closed Facebook group for sharing news and photos. If you want to get access to any of these, contact the section leader:

1st Tonbridge Scout Group                           Facebook

2nd Tonbridge Scout Group                          Facebook

3rd Tonbridge Scout Troop                           Facebook

6th Tonbridge (Hadlow) Beavers                 Facebook

7th Tonbridge (Leigh)                                     Facebook

8th Tonbridge (Hildenborough)                    Facebook

11th Tonbridge (Seeonee Cubs)                  Facebook

11th Tonbridge (Mountbatten Cubs)         Facebook

11th Tonbridge (Wildcats Scouts)               Facebook

14th Tonbridge (Sea Scouts)                         Facebook

17th Tonbridge (Beavers)                              Facebook

17th Tonbridge (Cubs)                                    Facebook

17th Tonbridge (Air Scouts)                          Facebook

17th Tonbridge (Scout & Guide Band)       Facebook