Stop motion Video

Make a short film using almost anything.

Type: Online ChallengeRunning Time: 60 minutes +
Sections: Cubs, Scouts, ExplorersDigital platforms: Closed Facebook Group


  • Tablet / Ipad or if the mums and dads want to get involved a digital camera. We used stop motion studio, a downloadable app to do this.
    • There is a Lego version too but its not that easy to download as your finished films have to be checked by Lego for content.
  • Something to support your tablet or Ipad and keep it still while making your film.
  • A single colour background.
    • This helps if you want to add effects and if the camera moves a bit.


When making your film, move the bits around very small amounts to bring the objects to life, every 12 photos makes 1 second of film.

If you’re stuck for ideas, have a look on YouTube, there are quite a few “how to and ideas” videos.

Most of all have fun and post your finished films on a social media platform, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Tips and gotchas:

Get parents to ensure that the software and videos on YouTube are appropriate and that you are happy for your cub/scout/explorer to view / use them


Young people will need “Stop Motion Studio” App or something very similar. “Stop Motion studio” can be found on the app store or Google play.

It is free to download and use with some very cheap upgrades or £4.99 for the complete upgrade package. The upgrade isn’t required for a basic video. 

Sample stop-motion video
Sample stop-motion video

Run by: Andy Timms at 11th Tonbridge Mountbatten Cubs.