Talent Competition

The members create videos of them performing (anything: Songs, playing an instrument, doing magic, telling jokes…) and upload them before the meeting. The meeting is then a talent competition with leaders acting as judges.

Type: Online Challenge & Live ActivityRunning Time: 90 minutes +
Sections: Scouts, ExplorersDigital platforms: Video Conferencing & OSM Badges at Home


Use OSM’s “Badges at Home” to set up the entertainers badge for all the members to do. The Scouts upload videos of their performances onto the “Badges at Home” portal together with evidence of planning and rehearsal, so completing the requirements of the badge.

The meeting is a video conference where the host shares all the uploaded videos and a vote is taken on the winner.

For added entertainment (and to pad out the evening), have one leader act as a compare, interviewing each performer about their act, then have more leaders on a judging panel giving comments and scores for each act.

Tips and gotchas:

If you have a video wizard, it helps to combine all the videos into one with a pause between each.

When sharing the performances on a video conference, ensure you have enabled “Share computer sound”.

You can engage the audience with an audience vote. We used Zoom’s polling ability for this, but it can only have up to 10 options for a poll and we had 20 performers, so we had a vote at the end of the first half and another after the second. The votes were added to the judges’ scores to get the overall winner.

Run by: Chris Parker at 17th Tonbridge Scouts.