Who Am I? (Version 2)

Type: Live activityRunning Time: 20-30 minutes
Sections: Scouts, ExplorersDigital platforms: Zoom


Participants are shown a series of pictures of people or objects.

For each, they need to guess what they’re seeing.

If they guess after the first clue, they get 8 points, after the second clue, 6 points and so on.

An incorrect guess means that participant is out for that round (so taking a guess is a gamble.)

Run the meeting on zoom with 1 leader sharing the power point presentation and then allocate 3-4 participants each to your other leaders (make them co-hosts). The scouts then send their guesses to their allocated leader via the chat facility who keeps track of the scores giving them a verbal indication if they were right or not.

Tips and gotchas:

Make sure to mute the participants so they don’t get excited and reveal the answer!

Initial Instructions
Example questions

Run by: Stuart Sharp at 6th Tonbridge Scouts.