Cart Wood

Tonbridge & District Scouts have recently purchased a compartment of Horse Pasture Wood, situated between Colts Hill and Pembury. The compartment has been named Cart Wood and is an exciting new resource for sections within Tonbridge District.

Cart wood covers approx. 5.5 acres of mixed broadleaf woodland and sweet chestnut coppice. It is bordered on the northern by a small free flowing stream, the Eastern side by an access track to the other woodland compartments, and the western boundary is with Clarence wood. The site slopes gradually from its western border to the middle of Cart wood, where a small natural pond has formed, and then rises to the eastern tip where the main access point to the wood is. The eastern end of Cart wood is predominantly Sweet Chestnut coppice. At the top of the wood (western edge) there is a small clearing which is where there are some container stores. The main fire site and area used previously for camping is found at this end of the wood.

Cart wood is a fantastic location to teach bush craft skills, backwards cooking, conservation and woodland management techniques. Our intention is that the wood is mainly used for evening visits by troops or short one or two-night experiences. The wood is ample for small groups, with enough space for reasonable sized wide games. Although there is a small clearing at the top of the wood the plan is to open up, level and grass the clearing in the middle of the wood sufficient for 6-8 tents to provide space for approximately 30 young people

Horse Pasture wood is well connected with public footpaths, so ideal for hiking young people to the wood, however vehicle access is limited to one road which is shared by the other compartments and the water treatment works in front of the wood. Please consider access when making arrangements for young people, and only bring necessary vehicles into the wood.

There is currently no access to water within Cart wood, so groups will need to bring what they need with them. There is a natural compost toilet on site. Being a woodland there is no refuse service, so all rubbish will need to be removed from the wood.

The intention for the wood is that it should stay as a wood rather than a campsite and should be used in such a way. One of the major features of the area is that as a natural woodland there is a plentiful supply of deadwood, and fire lighting materials. Whereas this is fantastic for back woods cooking, and scouting adventures, we are keen that the woodland feel is maintained, and the area doesn’t become ‘stripped’ like some of the larger scout camp sites. The wood has a fantastic wild and natural feel and we wish to preserve this for future generations of young people from the Tonbridge area, so please use and leave the wood with this is mind.

Please read the conditions of use and use the booking system bellow to request time in the wood. Currently we are only able to open the wood to one group at a time. Once the planned works are completed we hope to change this going forward. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the wood management team on

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For all Cart Wood enquiries please contact;

Stuart Sharp
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